Collage My Years With Elvis & The Colonel - Review

"My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" - Review

Latest ElvisMatters issue reports about Breda Event and the new book by Charles Stone

Elvis Matters 26
The latest issue of the ElvisMatters fanclub magazine covers the event "100 Years of Colonel Parker - 1000 times Elvis" which took place in June 2009 in Breda, The Netherlands.

During this event the latest release "My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" by Charles Stone was presented by members of the "Praytome Publishing" - team.

The magazine features a double-sided review in Dutch language. Unfortunately we don't have a translation yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get one.

In the CD / DVD Review section you find a summary about the FTD release of "Dixieland Delight".

Despite all rumours on the internet and messageboards the MultiMediaBox set by "Praytome Publishing" is not out yet.

Being back from Memphis where ElvisWeek 2009 took place we will have some great news for you with our next update. So stay tuned!

Please click here to read the articles from the ElvisMatters magazine.

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Interview with Glen D. Hardin and Ed Bonja

Peter Beines interviews Ed Bonja about the cover shot for the album "As Recorded at Madison Square Garden".

Event Elvis Classic in Wuppertal with VIPs Glen D. Hardin and Ed Bonja

Glen D. Hardin
On Saturday, September 5th, the event "Elvis-Classic" was held at the "Börse" in Wuppertal, Germany . Entertainer "King Eddy" and his big band "Vegas Connection" presented a rock ‘n roll concert of Elvis songs.

The highlight of the evening was having two original Elvis VIPs on hand. Glen D. Hardin, who worked for Elvis from 1970-75, accompanied more than 20 songs that evening and received big applause by the audience.

Ed Bonja, former tourmanager for Elvis and official photographer of the Elvis Presley Show from 1970-77, presented more than 30 different images of the king. Most of the 1970's album and single cover shots show Elvis photos taken by Ed Bonja.

During the intermission of the concert, there was a 20 minute interview with Glen D. Hardin and Ed Bonja.

Both Glen and Ed expressed surprise that more than 30 years after Elvis' passing, he is still making new fans. Back in 1977, they never thought that this could be possible one day.

As long as the fans are there and want to hear Elvis' music or have general interest in Elvis' life, Bonja and Hardin agreed, that they are happy to share their memories about Elvis and to keep on answering questions from the fans.

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Ed Bonja

Ed Bonja, the official photographer and
tourmanager for Elvis Presley started working for Praytome Publishing more than a year ago

Elvis On Tour '72 - Covering The Nation

"Elvis On Tour '72 - Covering The Nation"
is the working title for the first Ed Bonja book by Praytome Publishing

Ed Bonja is now fulltime employee at Praytome Publishing

"Praytome Publishing" has become famous for its world-wide book and DVD publications such as, “Behind The Image" (in co-operation with Bud Glass Productions) and "Elvis – Adrenaline".

In a very short time, this company has made an extremely positive name in the Elvis World. The expertise of the knowledgeable staff members is evident in the content of their publications.

Elvis fans are the lucky recipients of unpublished photographs, photographs which have been restored by their expert graphic artist and very rare Super 8 footage of Elvis, which has been expertly transferred and enhanced, using state-of-the-art procedures, so as to provide optimum quality to the fans.

Ed Bonja wrote the foreword for Sue McCasland’s book: World’s Best Kept Secret - Elvis live Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe. Ed has since become a member of the Praytome Publishing team as a fulltime employee and technical advisor.

With his experiences, expertise and special inside knowledge about Elvis and the Elvis history, he can contribute in a unique way to the team’s productions. Additionally, in the context of his work, Ed had a very special, inside view of the world of Colonel Parker. It was the Colonel who invited Ed to bring his camera on tour to take photos of Elvis; so, Ed took nearly 10,000 photographs of Elvis, as well as of other events that took place during the tours.

With the current project, “Multimedia Box Set - Dixieland Delight," Ed has been acting as an advisor, and some of his photos will become part of the artwork for the box set.

Because the “Praytome Publishing" team works on several projects at the same time, the work on Ed Bonja’s own book has already started, with the working title "Elvis on Tour '72 - Covering The Nation".

Being a Praytome Publishing project, it is certain that the pictures will go through a complex restoration process and that the release will not be a regular picture book, but will contain never-before-told anecdotes by Ed, himself.

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Ed Bonjas Stonebook

Elvis On Tour '72 - a new Praytome Publishing project with photos by Ed Bonja

Because high-quality cameras and films were still very expensive for fans in the early 1970’s, we have few good live shots of Elvis from this period of his career. Because most fans used the then-popular Instamatic Cameras, Elvis can be seen, for the most part, as only a thumbnail or just a small, white mark on the print. Because photographers such as George Hill, Keith Alverson, Shean Shaver or the recently-deceased Harold Newton used 35mm cameras, fans were, for the first time, introduced to very good quality photos.

A rumor has persisted that “Praytome Publishing" has been working on a book with live shots from the year 1972. Today, we gladly put this rumor to rest with the announcement that we have, indeed, begun work on such a book: “Elvis Covering the Nation ’72.”

The work began several weeks ago with the photographs of Ed Bonja, the official Tour Manager and Photographer for the Elvis Presley Show during the 1970’s. Bonja’s photos are well known world-wide, because Colonel Tom Parker chose many of his photos as cover shots for Elvis’ LP Albums and Singles. Bonja met Elvis for the first time during the shooting of "Girl Happy" in 1964 and later worked with the king on tours during the 70's, as well as in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, where he took over 8,000 photos of Elvis and the tour happenings. Many of these photos remain unpublished even today.

As you can see, our team works on several projects at the same time, giving Elvis fans the highest possible quality, including perfectly restored negatives and transparencies and as much information as possible for the never before published pictures.

The team of Praytome Publishing can hardly wait to complete this project and present it to the world.

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Stone Website

Screenshot of EPE Website

Author of "My Years With Elvis & The Colonel" Charles Stone visits Graceland

Glen D. Hardin

"My Years With Elvis & The Colonel"
by Charles Stone
ISBN: 978-3-00-027543-2

Charles Stone, former tour manager of Elvis Presley and employee of Concerts West, has written a book about his years with Elvis and the Colonel. The latest book by Praytome Publishing premiered during the celebration of the Colonel's 100th birthday in Breda last month.

Charles has been visiting Graceland recently and was portrayed on the official EPE Website (see picture above). Was he wearing the same sunglasses than he did for the covershot of his book ? Who knows …

However, if you are going to Memphis this summer you will find Charles' book in the Graceland Shops. Probably Mr. Stone will be also in town and on this website you will find the announcement of his schedule for appearances and special book signings.

The book is available now and you can place your order in our shop!

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