In front of the printing office.
Praytome in a meeting at the printing office with Mr. Zillmer and Mr. Humpert.
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Our printing office - every single page of the book will be manufactured here.
This is what modern printing plate look like.
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If you print in colour, you need four printing plates. Here you can see: Cyan.
Every step is discussed accurately and documented for the whole team, so that it can be explained in meeting at a later date.
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Here you can see the page move in. It is incredible how much paper you need for such a book.
Above you can see the clamped printing plate - below the pressing roll (CYAN). You can see how the single sheet passes through the printing unit.
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The last pressing roll is passing through and the sheets are sliding in a casket.
In front of the colour prining unit Praytome shows proudly the first sheet of the book.
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The quality has to be checked all the time. As you can see everyone is very satisfied with the result.
In such a big project many people are involved. Please note: Here can you catch a glimpse on some pages of the book.
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In such a big project many people are involved. Please note: Here can you catch a glimpse on some pages of the book. The first sheets are completed. It is obvious, how elaborate the set is (thank you Bud!).
To assure a permanent good quality every few minutes a sheet has to be taken out and be controlled accurately by the experts.
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Here again a little insight for the curious of you …
We can only print a few pages per day. On these kind of pallets the single sheet are brought to the bookbindery. This additional step of the procedure is necessary, because we have choosen the "Mercedes" of the books. We decide not to take a usual adhesive binding, we choose a high quality hardback book. We did every thing possible to put out an optimal book.
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